Chloe eau de parfumChloé

from the Chloé website:

top: mandarin zest, watermelon

middle: rose

base: iris, sandalwood


from the little nose:

top: citrus, watery green accord, melon, lychee

middle: rose, peony, muguet, violet

base: musk, vanilla, moss, woods

Chloé eau de parfum is a dewy, petaly, fresh-out-of-the-shower floral delight.  What I love most about this fragrance is its texture.  One waft at my nose and it’s as if my entire body is kissed by the lush, satiny petals of a rose – or the fuller, yet more delicate, version of this classic flower: a peony.  Chloé is a decidedly adult fragrance, reminiscent of young and innocent love, full of freshness and blooming.  I’m intrigued by Chloé’s mention of a watermelon note, since this is usually associated with children’s fragrances or candy.  Instead, I smell a dewy and refreshing melon, perhaps honeydew, blended with the rose-watery, fruity raspberry touch of the lychee fruit.  Chloé is uber feminine, thirst-quenching, soft, and beautiful. ♦♦♦♦ Four stars.