Cacharel Amor Amor

Cacharel Amor Amor

Cacharel-Amor-amorCacharel Amor Amor

from the Cacharel website:

top: pink grapefruit, mandarin, cassis

middle: rose, muguet, fleur de mélati

base: vanilla, cedarwood


from the little nose:

top: grapefruit, red fruits, watery green accord

middle: orange flower, muguet, rose, peony

base: vanilla, musk, woods

Amor Amor, like Chloé, has a dewiness in the middle that is round and thirst-quenching.  Both perfumes offer that ‘fresh from an outdoor shower in the spring’ feeling, though the similarities end there.  Amor Amor is one of my all-time favorite fragrances with its juicy blend of grapefruit and red fruit, sparkling on top of a luminous floralcy that is full, feminine, and round, but still light and clean, like a big drop of rain-fresh dew threatening to grow too large and plunk down into the new puddle below.  This gem from Cacharel is light-hearted, young, feminine, and a touch sugary-sweet.  The particular combination of sparkling citrus, red fruit, and vanilla has served as inspiration for many, many fragrances in the specialty market.  Aside from Calvin Klein Euphoria, it is the only other perfume I have used until the bottle turns up empty, and then I immediately went out and bought a flanker.  Once, a friend noticed Amor Amor on me and said, “If I were going to design a perfume for you, it would be this…because this smells exactly like YOU.”  Clearly, a match made in heaven.  ♦♦♦♦♦ Five stars.