Clinique Happy

Clinique Happy

Clinique Happyfrom the Clinique website:

top: bergamot, ruby red grapefruit

middle: Hawaiian wedding flower, spring mimosa

base: n/a


from the little nose:

top: orange, grapefruit, aldehydes, bitter green accord

middle: muguet, rose, apricot

base: musk, cedar wood, sandalwood

A favorite from high school in the late ‘90s that is still wearable today past my twenties!  I’m delighted this fragrance is popular in the United States, because for once, it’s not sweet.  Of course the top is citrusy, matching the iconic orange packaging with fresh, juicy notes of orange and grapefruit, blended with a uniquely bitter edge of greens and sparkling aldehydes.  The middle is quite dewy/petaly with a luminous muguet heart, and I get a touch of rose as well – a combination that, upon the power of suggestion, does smell like pink mimosa…although I’m not familiar with Hawaiian wedding flower.  The base is a smooth, creamy mixture of musk, crisp cedar wood and soft sandalwood.  For me,  Clinique Happy is constructed of happy paradoxes: it has a solid foundation and structure, with good lasting power and a slight sillage (always gets compliments!), but it remains light; it’s fruity and fresh but not sticky or sweet; and, it’s creamy without being overly milky or cloying.  Happy is young and vibrant without being immature.  A fragrance for the woman who has experienced just enough in life to know that optimism is the key to happiness.  ♦♦♦♦♦ Five stars.