Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise

Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise

RL Pure Turquoise


from the Ralph Lauren website*:

dewy cassis, night-blooming cereus, earthen patchouli

*info no longer accessible directly through RL website

from Macy’s.com:

top: cassis

middle: night-blooming cereus, violet, muguet, cactus flower, orange flower, Bulgarian rose, desert lily

base: earthen patchouli, silver birch wood, amber, vanilla, bourbon rum

from the little nose:

top: pink pepper, red berry, leafy green accord, orange

middle: jasmine, orange flower, carnation, muguet, violet

base: vetiver, patchouli, amber, musk, vanilla

Feminine, yet clean and cool.  Solid and grounding, like a smooth stone; composed and majestic as the name implies.  Luminous white floralcy is balanced by the luxurious-yet understated-earthy notes of the base.  Overall, Pure Turquoise is comfortable and slightly scratchy, like a fine wool sweater.  I admire the unity here among the fragrance, packaging, and advertising; for me it’s a presentation of perfect parallels.  I bought this fragrance in honor of my grandmother, who gifted me with a perfume story when she sent me a photograph of herself beside a rare night-blooming cereus.  Pure Turquoise could work for a woman of 21 or 55.   Ageless.  ♦♦♦ Three stars.