who’s behind the little nose?

newheadshotLauren Salisbury is an evaluator by trade and perfume lover at heart.  Three decades of perfume-chasing, and nearly one decade of fragrance industry experience, allow her to share her knowledge and love of perfume as a professional nose.  Lauren has worked on both the manufacturing and the client side of the business, with experience in perfume formulation, evaluation and project management, and marketing. Intensive olfactory training (at ISIPCA and the IFF school of evaluation) has given her the tools to rely on her nose.  She has developed fragrances for many popular brands around the globe.

Why fragrance consulting?

Breaking down art can sometimes detract from the beauty, and certainly the mystery, of what we love.  Lauren’s goal is to build appreciation not only for perfume, but also for the fragrance industry, which is truly a marriage of business, art, and science.  There is a complex world and a valiant struggle leading to the one second that a man inhales a perfume and falls in love – or the instant a woman returns to a beloved city, sniffs the air and is reconnected to her past – all because of a specific combination of molecules.  Perfume has the power to dictate emotions in a millisecond.  It is the best of calculated logic and unbounded creativity…and it is worth exploring.